Poster Tango por Ellos

Tango por Ellos
An indiscreet window into the lives of tango dancers

Conceived and Directed by Valeria Solomonoff
Co-director Puy Navarro
Choreographed by Valeria Solomonoff and the Dancers

"Tango por Ellos," choreographed by Valeria Solomonoff and nine tango dancer/actors, premiered October, 2009 at the JCC and extended its run at Teatro La Tea. The stellar cast of tango artists explore relationships that are by turns suffocating, thrilling, and soothing, revealing the conflict and harmony when feminine and masculine energies mix on the dance floor.

The show takes place in a studio that functions as a rehearsal room by day and as a Milonga (social gathering to dance tango) by night. Through their dancing and acting, the artists tell their stories and bring to life the experiences of thousands of people whose lives have been affected by Tango. The work's Spanish title, "Tango Por Ellos," plays with the multiple meaning of the word "por," referring to Tango for them, and by them.

"Tango por Ellos" received ACE 2010 award for Best Choreography and is available for touring engagements.

Catherine Correa
Jamie Harrison,
Mariana Parma,
David Ponce,
Orlando Reyes,
Cecilia Saia,
Adriana Salgado,
Andrew Shulman,
Jennifer Wesnousky

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Tango Intimo

Tango provides a social and playful arena where women and men can display their femininity and masculinity. The dance brings us back something primitive and intertwined in a colorful scenario of competition, accidents and passion. Tango Intimo is inspired by the contemporary experience of negotiating the dance floor and its web of relationships while searching for a partner. Bringing together some of the worlds top Tango dancers and a creative team with international experience, Tango Intimo will lead you through the lust and absurdities that occur within the intimacy of the embrace. Through the physical poetry of this dance performance come share the mysterious hold that Tango has upon us.

Tango Intimo is a sixty minutes dance-theater show conceived and directed by Valeria Solomonoff and performed by a troupe of renowned international dancers. It was performed at Repertorio Espanol in 2007-2008 and was nominated for two ACE awards for Best Direction and Production. Tango Intimo is available for future engagements.

Diego Escobar
Max Pollak
Orlando Reyes
Adriana Salgado
Valeria Solomonoff
Angelina Staudinger

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